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Trade Show & Event Management 


Strategic DEvelopment

Maximize ROI potential with a comprehensive program that defines your objectives, streamlines processes, identifies tactics, gains buy-in from leadership and aligns all stakeholders.  Whether one event or a full trade show program, it's important to create a strategy and determine how it will be implemented. 


Marketing & Sales Enablement Planning

Maximize awareness, in-booth engagement, and leads by leveraging resources and creating customized outreach, on-site, and post-event campaigns.     


Lead Management

Maximize your lead generation and conversation rate with a robust lead management process that maps out lead channels, definitions & qualifiers, data capture & sales distribution, CRM import and on-going nurturing. With the processed mapped you can effectively communicate roles and expectations to all stakeholders. 


Event Staff Training & Evaluation

Maximize your event engagement by preparing your staff and the booth to deliver the best first impression.  

Selecting the right staff to represent your organization than providing them the resources and tools makes a difference. When partnered with an interactive and inviting booth you are bound to achieve success.

Staff and booth staff evaluation provides you with the insights needed to make adjustments that increase your success rate. 


Full Program Management 

Maximize your effectiveness. Not all organizations have the capacity or experience to manage all the aspects of experiential marketing. From trade shows and conferences to customer-focused and live events, we manage every detail. 

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