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We support you from idea to implementation! 

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Business Advisory

Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Operations

From active listening to action I guide entrepreneurs and organizations through the creative and program development process; helping them achieve their desired goals by:

  • defining deliverables, metrics, and ROI

  • providing structure to the process

  • prioritizing and streamlining the right activities

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Brand Activation & Engagement

Experiential Marketing, Customer Experience, Digital Engagement

Brand activation is a highly personal way to connect people with your brand in a way that makes a positive impression, builds lasting relationships, and adds value.

  • creating ways to engage and educate

  • truly understand your target audience and client base; knowing their needs/preferences and pain points

  • finding a way to alleviate pain points while delivering on organizational goals

  • building customer confidence and loyalty

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Trade Show & Event Management 

Strategic Development, Event Creation, Staff Training, Program Management

Trade shows, corporate events, and customers engagements require the same strategic planning as any other part of your corporate marketing plan. Without understanding your objective, your audience, and how to measure success you are wasting time and money. A successful program or event requires more than a booth and invitations. Leverage these activities to create meaningful experiences that drive conversion and loyalty. 

  • building programs that reach and connect with your customers

  • defining success, developing the measurements, and aligning your teams

  • creating effective internal communications and external messaging to drive awareness

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